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What is Rapid Transformational Therapy – RTT?

Spokensense expands and adds new exciting tools to bring change and growth 🍀

I am now a qualified RTT Practitioner. l have recently trained with Marisa Peers. This is a seriously powerful therapy. 
I am now in the process of transitioning RTT into my therapy business.

I am looking to support individuals with issues like 
lack of confidence
Childhood trauma
Family struggles 
Phobias and fears
Unhealthy addictions
weight issues

I will offer this service at a reduced rate for 2 weeks only. The anticipated change is life changing.
I know! 
If you are truly committed to making a MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION in YOUR life through RTT please send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE
Zürich based – Sessions in English & Swiss German (online is also an option)

Thank you

Clare Mooney

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When Stress takes hold – its clinical implications and Cranio

Stress is considered to be one of the most important causes of many physical and emotional symptoms and lying at the very root of pain, illness and disease. It has been stated that 75% of the people visiting their GP go for stress related symptoms but in clinical symptoms, stress and the close relationship it has with the autonomic nervous system is often overlooked. We may not be aware of the true impact of stress as it can produce a wide variety of symptoms but looking at how we respond to stress through our biological Stress Pathways might make things more clear and how beneficial Craniosacral Therapy really can be as a first port of call or preventative step.


Photo by Victoria Palacios on Unsplash

The Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy for Babies

In a complicated birth, a baby can face a number of stressful challenges on her journey into this world.

Some evidence suggests that a high percentage of all newborn babies may still hold a degree of birth stress afterwards.

The bones of the head are separate moving parts, wonderfully designed by nature to move and adjust as the baby travels through the birth canal.

A baby’s heads is designed to be flexible and strong enough to push its way out under pressure. However, problems can occur when cranial bones get twisted or compressed, and then stay out of shape.


How Craniosacral Therapy Helps Children in Elementary School

Public school students of all ages and grade levels spend an average 6.64 hours in school each day — and this doesn’t account for optional after-school programs or extracurricular activities. From the moment the bell rings each weekday morning until pickup time every afternoon, most elementary-age children encounter it all: lessons and lectures, group activities, solo tasks, tests, show-and-tell presentations, peer interactions at lunchtime and breaks… the list goes on.


You must understand how to teach doctors about touch & autism

This article is written by two credentialed massage and craniosacral therapists who also happen to be mothers who had children diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

We were both able to find and provide true and lasting relief and healing for our children.

While we both went down all the mainstream paths with little to no results, we also ventured off the beaten path to find out a sacred truth: It is possible to heal our children.

Do you remember the term refrigerator mom? Once upon a time, before autism became a full spectrum of various degrees—and before the world knew what it was at all because the number of children with this diagnosis was so much less—came a man in 1960 named Leo Kanner, M.D.



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