I am an Irish woman living in Zürich. I have been here since 1994. I am a mom of 2 wonderful children, my daughter Meagan and my son Cian. Throughout my working career I have had the pleasure of experiencing many different styles of work, from catering, service, sales and running a family business in Ireland.

In 2006 I trained with Cambridge to become a language teacher, I have enjoyed teaching 100’s of adults over the years and still do. Teaching English to adults as a foreign language can be tough, as you need patience and respect, but it is so much fun. It allows a certain freedom of creativity and knowledge with a twist of humor added in, you can have some fantastic lessons and meet many different beautiful people.

Working and dealing with people has always been my passion. I have always been drawn to listening and helping. Teaching nudged me even further in this direction as I found myself often noticing and sensing problems and being approached for advice. Plus, having some rough and tumbles in my life as well, opened up a level of compassion which was obviously transparent. Hence, leading me down the path of therapy.

In 2008 I discovered the beauty of talking therapy & body therapy ‚ which really sat with me. It felt safe and respected and helped me and my nearest and dearest through many tough times. So, I decided to follow my passion and work even closer with people. Here began a trail of further education in body therapy, pain therapy, emotional therapy, yoga/meditation, chakra healing and to close the circle, NLP coaching, Hypnotherapy and Rapid transformational therapy.

An amazing combination of skills with amazing results. They allow me to use all aspects of my strengths. Compassion, hearing, understanding and motivating. Helping people to feel better, physically and mentally is a blessing on a daily basis. I absolutely love what I do and am rewarded constantly with positive results in people’s lives. I thrive on making people feel better and having more power to achieve their goals.

My work includes:

  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Pain & Fascia release work
  • NLP coaching
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy
  • Chakra healing
  • Reiki
  • Yin yoga & Yoga Nidra