There are many childrens health issues that can be helped by craniosacral therapy, sometimes to resolution. Other conditions may be part of who your child is; they cannot be taken away, but may be improved and managed more effectively. Other than accidents, injuries and illnesses it is my experience that many children’s physical and mental health issues have their roots in the complications of the pre-natal, birth and/or post-natal period.

As a guide some of the childhood conditions I regularly work with are:

  •  joint and spinal problems
  • the effects of physical injury including car accidents
  • head injury and concussion
  • headaches
  • breathing issues
  • emotional difficulties such as anger, frustration and withdrawal
  • grief and bereavement
  • stress and anxiety
  • a troubled mind
  • sleep disorders including nightmares and night terrors
  • learning, social, behavioural and co-ordination disorders